English Gematria:

The following is a collection of Words, Names, Etc and their numerical Simple English Gematria.
No conclusions are intended to be made, nor is there any qualifying quantity to the Words, Names, Etc. other than their Frequency OR Currency.
If the Words, Names, Etc. are not familiar to you...I encourage you to do more research on them.

The numerical values are calculated on the following basis: A=6, B=12, C=18, D=24, E=30, F=36, G=42, H=18, I=54, J=60, K=66, L=72, M=78, N=84, O=90, P=96, Q=102, R=108, S=114, T=120, U=126, V=132, W=138, X=144, Y=150, Z=156 Check Out: Daily Gematria Words, Names, Etc. are organized in Ascending Order by Number: magen=240 Arden, DE=306 Chic-Fil-A=306 domain=336 ISIS=336 race day=342 a domain=344 facebook=348 derecho=348 Jade Helm=348 face mask=354 merkabah=354 pedos=354 a face mask=360 magenta=366 domaine=366 Qanon=366 dr fauci=372 pindar=372 mason=372 chickfila=372 a black life=372 a domaine=372 hasbro=378 beau biden=378 bubonic=396 a pandemic=396 corona=396 Hermes=408 adam schiff=420 moderna=420 come allah=420 Thoth=426 c'mon man=438 chariot=444 high five=444 Biden Pedo=444 domains=450 a chariot=450 Shekinah=450 cuties=462 vaccinate=468 chauvin=468 rockland=468 Magdeburg=468 a plandemic=468 Mr Beast=468 throne=480 dem-reps=480 ordo ab chao=492 ghislaine=504 child sex=504 coincident=504 tiktok=516 a matrix=516 bill gates=522 inside job=522 Bloomberg=534 goodyear=540 Hair Sniff=540 stargate=546 Gog and Magog=546 social media=546 exact change=546 a good year=546 Joe Bi(n La)den=546 Flat Earth=546 rebellion=552 dominion=558 checkerboard=558 neck gaiter=558 come on man=558 basic income=558 obama bin laden=558 a dominion=562 a checkerboard=562 epicenter=570 pedophilia=570 Free Bricks=576 Free Mason=576 powers=576 civil war=582 Desi Arnaz=582 contagion=588 together=588 Mitteland=588 democrats=588 a civil war=588 conspire=594 Firmament=594 Luciferase=594 wuhan labs=606 ballooning=606 banknotes=606 I Can't Breathe=606 Covid Hoax=606 No School=606 Central Bank=606 Lucille Ball=606 Digital Angel=606 The Alien Race=606 Blue Collar=606 Blue M Burg=606 instagram=612 face mask book=612 Colon Cancer=618 shock and awe=624 neuralink=630 hasbro doll=636 forester=636 spelling bee=636 Lucy Fur=636 Biden Harris=642 5G Towers=642 Slave Trade=642 Exact Coinage=642 Fortnite=642 ladies night=648 fiat money=648 face covering=648 Rot Shield=660 Corona Mask=660 covid vaccine=660 Rockefeller=660 Melinda Gates=660 Martial Law=660 Osama Bin Laden=660 Postal Code=660 Elon Musk=660 Gestation=660 Arden Village=660 Vaccination=666 Mark of Beast=666 A corona mask=666 Nancy Lanza=666 Kissinger=666 Pizza Gate=666 Second Wave=666 a rot shield=666 a covid vaccine=666 New York=666 Jack Dorsey=666 firestone=666 a postal code=666 Black Panther=666 WTC Seven=666 Sandy Hook=672 Ryan Lanza=672 Den Hollander=672 Water Bridge=672 Tetrahedral=672 bat virus=672 mask of beast=672 dominions=672 checkerboards=672 Kamala Harris=672 a bat virus=678 corona cure=678 black and white=678 Biden Basement=678 Mainstream=678 Hair Sniffer=678 Pancho Villa=678 Warp Speed=678 keystone=684 Mohammed Atta=684 twitter=690 thank you=690 Debates cancelled=690 Biden has COVID=690 New Normal=690 Rothschild=696 gender reveal=696 crown mask=702 judge gunman=702 a rothschild=702 stone bridge=708 George Floyd=714 Adrenochrome=714 a roth shield=714 Rubber Duckie=714 a Rubber Duckie=720 republicans=720 5G rollout=720 Quarantine=720 Global Cease Fire=720 Sniffing Hair=720 Derek Chauvin=726 Anti Christ=726 in together=726 a roths magen=726 Battery Day=726 fish in a barrel=732 wardenclyffe=732 Harley Guy=732 Pope Francis=732 mayer amschel=738 corona vaccine=738 Conspiracy=738 Kanye West=738 Coronation=744 I Love Lucy=744 pinterest=756 wayfair kids=756 Biden and Harris=756 stay at home=762 cointelpro=762 Throne of God=762 life matters=768 bubonic plague=768 adolph hitler=768 Elon R Musk=768 cancel Netflix=768 Chadick Boseman=786 young lion=792 magick window=792 Bidens basement=792 Hilary Tisch=792 sunflower=798 a sunflower=804 social distance=804 coin shortage=804 comet pizza=804 surgical mask=804 come together=804 never forget=810 Wall Street=810 Stone Mason=810 terrorism=810 Anthony Fauci=822 Toilet Paper=822 Chloroquine=822 Portland Place=822 Mind Control=822 Anonymous=822 Saddam Hussein=822 the monster=822 two black males=822 Shankesville=822 Footstool=822 Keep America Great=828 Covid Nineteen=834 Free Masonry=834 mail in ballots=834 trolls doll=834 william h gates=834 Benjamin Crump=834 Election Vaccine=840 wood and water=858 derecho storm=858 where is ISIS=858 come allah harris=858 Bill Gates Three=858 Central Bankers=858 Jeff Bezos=564 Mainstream Media=870 alone together=870 Roy Hollander=882 Epstein Island=882 Book Of Spells=882 Contact Tracing=888 the new normal=888 Donald J Trump=888 continuity=900 drain the swamp=906 Jesus Christ=906 Holy Spirit=906 Christ the King=906 Lord of Hosts=906 Jesus is Lord=906 magick windows=906 ISIS travel ban=906 principality=912 sunflowers=912 Mitt Romney=912 a principality=918 postal address=918 corona virus=930 Arizona Wilder=930 six six six=936 wuhan virus=936 Wilbur Ross=936 Checker Privilege=936 casting spells=936 caldwell cougars=936 indie five hundred=942 Marquise Love=942 second civil war=942 sacred geometry=948 hasbro trolls=954 Mark Zuckerberg=954 Social Distancing=954 William Gates Jr=954 Postal Service=954 principalities=960 Always Remember=960 The Throne of God=960 hello everyone=966 Crown Virus=972 five g rollout=972 Jeffrey Epstein=978 Barak Hussein Obama=978 A Crown Virus=978 Make America Great Again=978 Wilbur L Ross=990 Elon Reeve Musk=990 Super Spreader=990 Christ hologram=996 stop the spread=996 william h gates jr=1002 Keystone Cops=1002 white privilege=1008 New York City=1008 Decarboxylation=1008 Indy five hundred=1008 emmett huskies=1008 all lives matter=1014 Digital Currency=1014 Trump has COVID=1014 black lives matter=1038 spelling words=1038 ghislaine maxwell=1044 rayshard brooks=1044 judge esther salas=1044 new world order=1044 number of the beast=1044 Footstool of God=1104 World Trade Center=1110 Amy Coney Barrett=1110 Superstition=1110 star tetrahedron=1116 wuhan adrenochrome=1116 William Gates Three=1122 Magdeburg Water Bridge=1140 Mayer Amschel sons=1140 Cable News Network=1140 boycott Netflix=1140 Make America Germany Again=1158 Wuhan laboratory=1164 Wilbur L Ross Jr=1176 Magdeburg confession=1182 Statue of Liberty=1188 crystallography=1200 coronavirus cure=1212 Christ holography=1212 conservatorship=1212 artificial intelligence=1212 targeted individuals=1224 crypto currency=1224 beirut explosion=1224 hoosier lottery=1224 virginia lottery=1224 twelve more years=1224 Conspiracy Reality=1278 Conspiracy Theory=1284 A Conspiracy Reality=1284 Universal Basic Income=1284 Semi Tractor Driver=1302 The Super Spreaders=1302 Nineteen Eighty Four=1320 two party system=1434 Thirteen Months Old Baby=1494 counter intelligence program=1794
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